This is a web page that will only be used to keep parents and the community up to date with events that happen at our school. As events occur we will update this page. Scroll down the page to find information about sports, parent involvement, and school/county events.

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Dates to remember 


Discipline chart




Level 1 infractions ( classroom disruptions, unprepared for class, late for class, etc..)


  1. Silent lunch /pages
  2.  repeat or uncompleted pages 1 day ISS
  3. repeat ---3 days ISS/ parent  called
  4. repeat ---1 day out of school
  5. repeat-- 3 days out of school
  6. Disciplinary hearing


Level 2 infractions ( disrespect to staff,  threatening students,  vandalism, causing bullying etc..)  are intermediate acts of misconduct that require administrative intervention. These acts include, but are not limited to, repeated acts of minor misconduct and misbehaviors directed against people or property, but which do not seriously endanger the health, safety or well-being of others. 


  1. 1 day ISS
  2. repeat 3 days ISS
  3. 1 day out of school
  4. 3 days out of school
  5. 5 days out of school and disciplinary hearing


Level 3 major infractions --Offenses that threaten the health, safety, or well-being of others may result in the assignment of multiple days of in-school suspension, pending disciplinary investigation of the allegations. Student and parent/guardian participation in a conference with the administration is an element of all discipline actions in this category, even if such a conference has previously occurred. Initiation of necessary behavior support services should be given, if not already provided.


  1. 3 days out of school
  2. repeat 5 days out school
  3. repeat disciplinary hearing


Fighting is an automatic 5 days out of school for first fight.  2 fights in same year is automatic alternative school placement. This is Campbell County Board of  Education policy.


After school will start on 9/8/15 times will be from 3-5 Monday -Friday 

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Jellico Elementary

Basketball Schedule


Jellico Middle School

Basketball Schedule


Jan. 14 at Powell Valley 5:30/6:30/7:30

Jan. 19 at Forge Ridge 6:00/7:00


Jan. 23-29 TMSAA District 2 Tournament TBD

at Powell Valley Middle


Jan. 30-Feb. 6 TMSAA State Tournament TBD

at Pigeon Forge


Reveiwed and Approved Spring 2015 The written school parent involvement policy establishes the school’s expectation for parent involvement and describes how the school will build the school’s and parent’s capacity for strong parental involvement. Jellico Elementary School will: Provide assistance to parents in understanding topics such as the State’s academic content standards, State student academic achievement standards, State and local academic assessments, requirements of Section 1118, how to monitor a child’s progress and work with educators to improve student achievement. Provide materials and training to help parents work with their children to improve their achievement, such as literacy training and using technology to foster parental involvement Educate staff with the assistance of parents in the value and contributions of parents; and in working with parents: how to reach out to, communicate with, and work with as equal partners; implement and coordinate parent programs; build ties between parents and the school. Coordinate and integrate Title IA parental involvement strategies with parent involvement strategies under other programs such as Head Start, Reading First, Early Reading First, Even Start, Parents as Teachers, Home Instruction Program for Preschool Youngsters, State-run preschool programs, and Title III language instructional programs. Ensure school related information on programs, meetings, and other activities is sent to parents in a format and to the extent practical in a language the parents understand. Provide other reasonable support for parent involvement activities per parent request. Inform parents at the annual parent meeting about the parental involvement program, Section 1118 requirements, and rights of parents to be involved in Title I programs Offer a flexible number of meetings – mornings or evenings. Ensure opportunities for parents or an adequate representation of parents to be involved in an organized, ongoing, and timely way in the planning, reviewing, and improving of the parental involvement policy and schoolwide program plan. Provide parents a description and explanation of the curriculum the school uses, academic assessments to measure progress, and proficiency levels students are expected to meet. Per parent request provide opportunities for regular meetings as soon as possible to formulate suggestions and to participate, as appropriate, in decisions relating to the education of their children. Submit parent comments on the schoolwide program if it is not satisfactory to the parents when the school makes the plan available to the school district.Jellico Elementary


Jellico Elementary will convene an annual meeting at the beginning of the school year at a convenient time to which parents of participating children shall be invited and encouraged to attend, to inform parents of their school’s participation in the Title I program and to explain parent involvement and to explain the requirements of this part, and the right of parents to be involved.  Meetings will be scheduled at other times during the school year to disseminate testing and report card data and to give the opportunity for parents to observe their child’s classroom during instruction time.


  1.  Jellico Elementary Parent Involvement Policy will be developed with parental input and will be distributed to all parents.
  2. Jellico Elementary will insure that parent meetings will be held at different times of the day so that more parents can attend.
  3. Jellico Elementary will involve parents in the planning, reviewing, and improving parent involvement programs, school parental involvement policy, and the joint development of the schoolwide program plan- TSIP.
  4. Jellico Elementary will provide parents with timely information.
  5. Jellico Elementary will  provide the opportunity to explain to parents of participating children   the school curriculum, to explain the forms of assessments-what it measures, how to understand the results, and explain student proficiency levels.
  6. Jellico Elementary will set up meetings requested by parents to give suggestions and be part of the decision making about their child relating to the education of their child, and respond to the suggestions as soon as possible.
  7. Jellico Elementary will  develop and distribute the school-parent compact that outlines how parents, the entire school staff, and students will share the responsibility for improved student academic achievement and the means by which the school and parents will build and develop a partnership to help children achieve the State’s high standards.  This compact will be described and discussed at the annual meeting and also discussed at the Parent-Teacher conference(s).
  8. Jellico Elementary recognizes the importance of communication between teachers and  parents, and will provide for better communication by conducting parent teacher conferences to address student progress at least once a year for elementary schools,  frequent child progress reports for parents, access to staff, opportunities to volunteer and to participated in their child’s class, and observation of classroom activities.
  9. Jellico Elementary will build capacity for involvement by helping  parents understand topics such as the State’s  academic content standards, State student academic achievement standards, State and local academic assessments, the requirements of parent involvement, and how to monitor a child’s progress and work with educators to improve the achievement of their child.
  10. Jellico Elementary will provide materials and training to help parents work with their children to improve their children’s achievement, such as literacy training and using technology.
  11. Jellico Elementary will educate teachers, pupil services personnel, principals, and other staff, with the assistance of parents, in the value and utility of contributions of parents, how to reach out to, communicate with, and work with parents  as equal partners, implement and coordinate parent programs and build ties between parents and the school.
  12.  Jellico Elementary will coordinate parent involvement programs and activities with Head Start, Reading First, Even Start,  the Home Institution Programs for Preschool youngsters, the Parents as Teachers Program and public preschool and other programs, and conduct other activities, such as parent resource centers
  13. Jellico Elementary will insure that information about school and parent programs, meetings, and other activities is sent to the parents in an understandable (on a level that all parents can understand, and language other than English where necessary) language
  14. Jellico Elementary will provide other reasonable support for parental involvement activities as parents may request 
  15.  Jellico Elementary will provide full opportunities for the participation of parents with limited English proficiency, parents with disabilities, and parents of migratory children, including providing information and school reports in a language such parents understand.




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